Wednesday, March 26, 2008

this tag is for you...

the list of random facts: {seven}

:one: i have actually fallen down an entire flight of stairs before. it was in loja, ecuador about 2 weeks since our arrival to the third world country and in my 15 year old ways was pissed at my parents for making me be there. (not that i would have stayed home even if they did give me the choice. i love [am dependent upon] my parents too much for that.) so after breakfast at a hotel i thought i would make a scene and sulk off with my hands in my jacket pockets. next thing i know i'm rolling down the stairs with hands still in pockets and only stop once i hit the wall bringing me to the end of the stairs. i was now pissed, bruised, and covered in fresh wood wax and my father was laughing at me from the top of the stairs.

:two: oh johnny! dirty dancing may very well be my number one most favorite movie ever. now you may be saying to yourself a number of things at this point. a} "but afton, you're way too awesome to have such a movie be your number one!" um...apparently you don't know me very well. i like things like dirty dancing. b} "but afton, we already knew this about you!" well yes, it's not like i keep this a secret but did you also know that i can replay the entire movie in my head by simply listening to the soundtrack? did you know that i've been watching this movie since the young age of 5? (it's okay, i was naive/innocent back then. i had no idea about the fornication that was taking place.) i've seen this movie more times than i can count.

:three: i absolutely despise and abhor writing. that is why i'm in a major where i can cook, sew, and design (all things i love.) apparently though, i am long winded in ways of blog posts, facebook messages, and e-mails. (although all of these things take me 12 1/2 times longer to accomplish because i reread everything i do write a thousand times before i feel like it is good enough for the intended audience.) but when it comes to journals, school papers (creative ones or not), poems, articles, stories, etc. etc. etc. i absolutely hate it. it's never fun, relaxing, or a way to vent. it's simply a pain in my stomach that never leaves. this hatred explains my horrible grammar and lack of any form of vocabulary (thank you for reading my blog despite these things.)

:four: i love state fairs and dirty carnivals in mall parking lots. i love the rides. and having them assembled by a sketchy crew of illiterates just adds to the excitement.

:five: i use to be a straight A student. as in i never ever ever received anything lower than an A. even after failing (my first fail of my school career) my spanish final junior year of high school i somehow still managed to get an A in the class. i was #27 in my graduating class (which was out of 600.) i did quality work. i got things done. i considered myself as smart. things all changed once i entered the world of BYU. i realized after my first test that when the teacher says "read the text" they really mean it. and 90% was no longer an A it was a lousy A- (which lowers your GPA heaven forbid.) i decided school sucked and A's were so unattainable that they were no longer worth the effort. (if you couldn't tell by now i'm not one of those "love to learn" type of people.) which brings me to my final year at BYU. my GPA is actually really good (thank you 3 semesters of MCC) but i'm so ready to be done with school. i like to learn on my own, when i want, what i want. not because a professor tells me its going to expand my mind and build my horizons. i'll decide that on my own thank you very much.

:six: older people intimidate me at first encounter. for some reason if i think they are older than me then they instantly become smarter, wiser, cooler, awesomer. it takes me a few hang outs to realize they're not intimidating and then i'm good to go. and once i find out that someone who i thought was older than me is in fact younger than me, well, that just changes everything. i totally have a one up on them then.

:seven: my dream job is to be a magazine layout artist. as in be the one to format a page in the magazine. make the pictures and text flow and work together. help the page come to life by simply adding the right font. i realize that the people who do this probably do other such artistic jobs for the magazine but i just want to do the formating of the layout. i would wear hip trendy clothes to the office every day and carry my macbook around with me as if it's attached (okay, so i kinda already do that last part.)

and here you have it. the seven random facts of yours truly. i now send the tag on to anyone who has not made such a list in quite a while. go ahead and do it. it always makes for some good reading.

Monday, March 24, 2008

to do list:

(oh aunt annette, how you put every homemaker i know to shame)

this is what my thoughts currently consist of...

{: write two papers
{: blog about james' tag
{: find an internship
{: hang with megs and ame before megs leaves
{: somehow find a way to pass my classes
{: get photo shoot pics from tara and ame
{: take d&c final so i can finally be done with that class
{: find a way to survive until may with what little little money i have left
{: buy concert tickets for upcoming shows
{: start doing homework
{: keep running
{: figure out how/find time to make 5 books from scratch before april 15th
{: stop checking facebook and blogs on an hourly basis
{: finish reading the hiding place
{: start magnifying my enrichment calling
{: figure out what i want to be when i grow up

there's a little bit of overload going on. any help with any of the above would be greatly appreciated.