Tuesday, February 26, 2008

road trip lovin'

6 Days - 4 States - 2,044 Miles

Day 1: Friday: 15th:
Best - rocking out to mika's happy ending multiple times in the car (the actual video of this song shows just how gay it is so i decided to spare you in hopes that you won't judge me.) seeing the rolling green hills of northern california. eating my first animal style in-n-out burger. loving the oakland temple! finding a church parking lot to sleep in.
Worst - having my roommate anne spill gasoline all over her pants and shoes exactly 2 minutes into the trip (this required a turn around to the apartment.) driving through nevada. no one should ever, ever, live there.

Day 2: Saturday: 16th:
Best - waking up alive. eating a day old nutella (yum!) and jelly sandwich for breakfast. driving across the golden gate bridge. hanging with myke in the redwoods. being blown away by a fantastic beach. cruising the streets of san fran.
Worst - anne found out about one of her best friends passing away from cancer. parking in the most expensive parking garage possible on the san francisco piers ($7 an hour! are they kidding me?!)

Day 3: Sunday: 17th:
Best - waking up alive yet again (myke took us to the best church parking lot.) finding the sweetest route down to LA via highway 1 and the 101 (thank you google maps.) driving down the pacific coast highway (i had no idea california could be so so beautiful!) eating a real sunday meal at anne's house.
Worst - looking like death after sleeping in the car for the 2nd time without washing my face or brushing my teeth. sick.

Day 4: Monday: 18th:
Best - taking a shower. the beach. not having to buy my own movie ticket (thanks anne's dad.)
Worst - the beach was cold. stupid wind.

Day 5: Tuesday: 19th:
Best - spent the whole day in disneyland. enough said.
Worst - i was in the happiest place on earth...as if there could be a worst.

Day 6: Wednesday: 20th:
Best - having the sun heat my body through the car window (it's the most wonderful feeling and i've missed it.) driving through a desert rainstorm. reading the hiding place out loud. eating at in-n-out.
Worst - eating at in-n-out knowing it would be my last for awhile. almost falling asleep in the middle of the day while driving. having desperado (the roller coaster on the state line of CA and NV) closed the one day in my life that i drive by. being back in provo.

Lessons Learned: eating in-n-out for 6 days straight does not get old. cruise control is the only way to travel. i can drive anywhere and everywhere with my bff by my side. california just may be the greatest state.

*i posted an album on facebook that has a few more pics if you want to view it. and if the comments show up then you can see how myke really feels about me*

Monday, February 18, 2008

don't worry...

...i am not forsaking my blog. i am only hanging in the golden state for a bit. a full report will follow my return

Monday, February 11, 2008

google me this...

google me that.

these are the things i discover at 2 am while laying in bed. thank you google maps for bringing me one step closer to home (and also for reminding me that it's not all that pretty [get off my back mesa lovers. i too love mesa with all my heart, mind, and soul but the intersection of university and country club would make anyone want to turn and run])

*look you can see my house. and even my little red car parked in the carport*