Saturday, November 29, 2008

i went shopping on black friday and all i got was this bloody lip


okay, so maybe i didn't end up with a bloody lip but that could have been a much better story then the one i have to tell. i definitely expected a little more excitement then what i got. it was my first venture out on the blessed day and i had nothing to compare it to but stories of wretched wives and mothers bullying their way to the last tickle me elmo. i wanted a hundred people in line, a race to the products, a few elbows to the face. you know, a typical american frenzy for materialistic products!

{the people in line were totally making fun of me for taking this pic}

i didn't even need the beautiful Nikon Coolpix S550 with 10 megapixels and a 5x optical zoom (ashton {kutcher, that is} would be so proud), or the SD 4 GB memory card (that i got for ten bucks! that's $30 off people!), or the 4 GB flash drive (which was $40 off!), or the set of 50 writable DVD's (for a whopping $8!). but i'm all about a good experience. the event. the crowds and excitement. and so when all of my sisters and friends said they would not be venturing out into the wee hours of the morning to stand in line with only america's finest i decided to make that camera a need. do i have money for it? no. but of course i need a new camera! and of course i need to start standing in line at 5 am to save a whole $50! so i did. but apparently i chose the wrong stores to go to because my experience was calm, productive, and even pleasant. i saw people i knew. i talked and visited while in line. i even got some reading in while waiting in my second line of the day at store number two. radio shack and office max totally came through for me product wise but apparently all the real action was going down at all of the walmarts across the country. (which, let's be honest, is crazy on a normal day). so maybe next year i'll have to make an appearance at one and i just might walk out with a bloody lip and a good story to tell.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

i'm so not a morning person

while i was babysitting last week (by the way we all made it alive and happy to thursday afternoon when the parents arrived home) i got to spend a lot of time with this little girl.

now, i use to watch her overnight when she was a baby and she was horrible during the nights. she didn't sleep. waking up multiple times. and always ended up sleeping with me. (just your average infant so i'm told). well this time around it wasn't much different but a lot more enjoyable because i got to have conversations like this: (let it be known that it was 4:30 in the morning and we were both cuddled together in the large king size bed)

sadie: mom? can you rub my back?
me: sure. (it was 4:30 in the am. i was not about to explain to her that i wasn't her mom)
sadie: mom? can i rub your hair?
me: sure. (i never ever turn down a head rub)
sadie: mom?
me: yeah?
sadie: where's dad at?
me: he's on a trip
sadie: well where was he when afton was here?
me: uh?...on a trip
sadie: oh.*

yeah. is it okay to lie to a four year old if it means avoiding a could be melt down? the next morning she realized her mistake and was telling her older brother how funny it was that she was calling me mom all night. you're right sadie, it was funny and much more enjoyable then the nights you would cry.

so here's a shout out to Sadie, the cutest 4 year old girl i know. even at 4:30 in the morning!

*she never went back to sleep after this conversation and by 5:30 i realized she was still wide awake and had to turn dora on for her. it kept her content for another 2 hours and the bright light and noise didn't phase me one bit.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the joy of capitalism

is it weird that this commercial totally makes me feel proud to be an american??

i haven't even stepped into a macy's store in at least two years. and yet i just might the next time i get the need to shop.
here's to you macy's! and here's to america!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


...i am babysitting these four

{:max 7: :sadie 4: :ashton 10: :luke 18 months: adorable, right?}

and let me tell ya, being an instant soccer mom of four is hard. especially a single mom at that. i mean i had the schedule. i learned the routine before hand. but there is so much crap that just can't be told. like how to wash the four year old's hair. or how to fit the 18 month old into the bike seat without him freaking out. or how to get a sweatshirt on him (i'm still not sure about that one and i'm pretty sure he was cold the whole week). but all in all it's been great. my brother and sister-in-law (the parents of the before mentioned children) are currently enjoying the mexican sunshine while we have been enjoying...

bike rides to the park,

cookies after school,

dance parties in the car, {apparently this is what happens when i get a phone call and turn my back on them}

veteran's day,

dinner outside on the lawn,

and all the playing we can handle.

the parents left on saturday and return thursday. it's been five whole days and i haven't killed or injured the kiddies yet! here's hoping we make it 'till tomorrow afternoon...

p.s. yesterday i spent the entire day barefoot and outside. it was the most glorious day.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

oh to be old.

i saw young at heart this past sunday. i loved it. really really loved it.
reasons why?
1. it's a documentary (and a good one at that) which i always enjoy
2. it actually made me not so anti old people. dare i say, it even made me excited to be old one day

now don't go thinking i hate old people or something, because i don't. i'm just extremely uncomfortable around them and have vowed to never grow old myself. the uncomfortableness comes from being more capable, more aware, and more able to live on my own then someone 4 times my age. it just doesn't seem natural. more times than not they just make me feel sad. and yet this movie gave me nothing but hope for growing old. everybody needs to see it, if for nothing else than for this moment...

(ignore the subtiles. it's the best quality one i could find)

and i will say, this is as sad as the film gets so don't go thinking you're going to be all depressed afterwards. it was my most favorite part though. there's just something so inspiring by listening to our friend Fred singing the words "Lights will guide you home/And ignite your bones/And I will try to fix you" at the ripe age of 81.

so here's to growing old and still having something to give!

in related entertainment excellence. this could very well be my most favorite moment on television. oh charlie. always so witty.

Monday, November 03, 2008

Here's to November

i have never been one for writing. (as many of my previous posts have told)
i have never kept a journal. (i believe i have 7 started beginning when i turned 8 with only 1-3 entries in each)
this means that i basically have no record of my life.
except for these two years that have an over abundance of writing...

back in 2005 i dated a boy.
this boy then went on a mission in july of the same year.
i then began and continued to write him (letters and e-mails) for two years.
i never missed a weekly e-mail for over a year.
my letters were fewer and far between but still plentiful over the 24 month period.
i kept every single e-mail i sent him.
i photocopied every single letter (except for 3) that i sent him.
i wrote long e-mails filled with random details of my life.
my letters were hearty. (no mushy mushy stuff though. we were friends, he was a missionary. he got facts about my life)
and in the end i have 70 e-mails and 19 letters all about me.

this past weekend i read over a lot of them. (only my side of the communication is kept. i'm pretty sure my future self couldn't careless about what this boy did while on his mission so many years ago. and really who needs baggage like that just hanging around?)
i am so glad i have these letters!
they tell so much about me.
how i think i'm funny. the way i communicate and speak. what i found to be important. the adventures of Europe and Australia.
stuff i want to remember. now and later.
but the thing is there's been a lot that i wish i wrote down before and after those two years.

so here's to november.
a new month.
a new post.
and a new record of my life.