Friday, May 28, 2010

LOST :: but not forgotten

i started watching lost in late 2007. this is when i found out the glory of and the fact that they had included every single episode of lost online. this means that i have watched the entire series from my laptop, the screen merely inches from my face and earbuds in my ears (not necessarily for the whole surround sound effect but to make sure i didn’t disturb a sleeping roomie {hey anne!} since I usually watched between the hours of 11pm and 4am). i never got officially caught up and have never discussed lost with anyone for fear they would tell me something i didn’t already know. and i like surprises so i have been careful to not have anything given away.

{{SPOILERS! i talk about stuff. so don't continue if you don't already know}}

enter season six:
season 6 has been amazing mostly because it started answering some major questions and had everything come together in a way other than “it was aliens the entire time!” and seeing how i watched the entire thing in three days it was a very intense three days as people were getting killed off right and left. and then there was the finale. the awesome, perfect finale. i loved it. i loved how it still left room for interpretation, i loved how they all came together, i loved how the entire season (and series for that matter) was building up to this episode. it was perfect how it ended cause it still left some mystery and people could come to their own conclusions which basically has been the premise of the entire show. the writers didn’t spoon feed you, they would give you some info and then let you take it however you would. so basically this is my take on the finale…

the last episode: the end of an era: where my heartbreak beings:
they’re all dead in the end. but like jack’s dad said it's only because we all die eventually. also, hurley said to ben when he talked to him outside of the church that ben was a good number two so this also made me assume that this is all taking place long after everyone has eventually lived their lives and died. jack's dad also said that this was the place they created so they could all come back and remember. it's basically their heaven. all of the flash sideways were them just trying to find each other after they had already died. to me it seemed like this in-between world where they weren’t together yet and therefore not able to continue on, or not willing to let go and move on yet. these flashes were also showing them as their true selves. sawyer becoming a cop instead of a conman, kate being truly innocent instead of a murderer, jack actually turning into a great dad, sayid being a good person. and how did daniel faraday write that mathematical equation when really he was just a musician? well, he was in the afterlife already and beginning to remember the life he did live. so out of their entire lives their time on the island is what truly formed them and helped them to see who they really were. they fulfilled their purposes and then it was the love and relationships they had created that transcended all. how beautiful is that! like families being together forever! love is what ended up being the most important thing to all of them. the one thing they would be able to have for eternity. jack and locke talked a lot about letting go in the flashes and everyone had to learn how to “let go” and therefore experience the love.

that is why lost is the greatest show ever created. the thought and writing that went into building all of the characters and this complete world that continued on being interesting and yet not really giving anything away until the end is amazing. i'm already ready to watch the whole thing over again.

what are your thoughts on the last season? finale?

also, i don't know if you're aware but there are a ton of "easter eggs" throughout the entire show where the writers intentionally included hidden content. just small stuff like the numbers chosen happen to be all retired yankee jersey numbers (among other things), and faraday is actually a real english physicist who studied electromagnetism back in the 1800's. then there's tons of words scrambled together to make names and such and apparently if you listen to some of the audio backwards you can hear different things (not that i have any idea how to do such a thing). just really interesting stuff that makes me love the writers even more. also, the official lost encyclopedia is coming out in september and i'm gonna get me one.