Tuesday, August 07, 2007

you know you've been checking for days for a new post...

...and finally i have a little something to fill your addiction (i'm so anal about formatting that these things take me so much longer than needed. side note: how can you change the size of text within a post?!)

1. medical billing management - work with medical claims, call insurances, basic office work (this job makes me want to go to school and gain a skill more than anything else)
2. interior fabrics - i sell fabric, it's truly amazing!
3. AVID tutor - helped kids in school and taught them the basics of taking notes and thinking for themselves
4. preschool teacher aide - did crafts with a bunch of 3-5 year olds with their moms
5. l&t produce - made some amazing wraps. delish!

1. a resort - complete with a spa, pool, and shopping! i don't even care if its only 5 minutes from my house
2. california - is and will always be an amazing weekend
3. las vegas - i realize its filthy but there are amazing things to do there (shows, roller coasters, extreme rides, picture worthy opportunities) all fun as long as you don't look too closely at your environment
4. camping - is sweet as well and is probably the most affordable, easy, and relaxing of them all


1. dirty dancing and pride and prejudice (old and new) - they're both equally my number one
2. ...nothing deserves to even be on the same list as these two


1. teeny bopper books - i'm a sucker for the fun careless read, anything by meg cabot usually sucks me in

1. orange street - born and raised
2. guayaquil ecuador
3. byu campus - provo (come on, as if i'd live in rexburg)
4. mansfield australia - the man from snowy river country, literally, like i saw his house

1. north america
2. south america
3. australia
4. europe


1. peanut butter and jelly sandwiches - you think i'm kidding but i'm not, the greatest combo is roman meal bread, creamy skippy peanut butter, and homemade strawberry jam. yum!

1. on a yacht - it sounds a lot cooler than it was


1. i don't think of the passing of time in a straight continual line. for me it is an elaborate set of circles and ovals with no beginning or end. no matter if its thinking of the months in a year, the days in a week, or even hours in a day there is a certain circle in my mind that keeps them all together. i could draw it out for you on paper but it wouldn't be as well connected or amazing as it is in my head.

2. i'm one of those people that wish they were amazing at everything. and yet i'm not willing to put forth the effort to perfect a skill. hence the reason i don't really speak spanish, i never play the piano in front of anyone, and my drawing skills are horrible. i just want to wake up one day and be perfect at anything and everything. i know this will never happen but i can dream can't i?

3. i never throw anything away. you never know when you're going to need a cardboard box, or that old notebook, or even a bolt of ribbon. and yet when its time to actually use some of these items i never do because what if down the line i need to use them for something better?! and so the cycle continues and i stack up junk. it even goes for my music on my computer. even if i never listen to a particular song i won't delete it in fear that one day i will need that very song for some skit or dance party! at least i'm prepared i guess...

4. i copy the voice inflection of others. i don't know why i do this and i do it completely unconsciously and yet it always happens. just the other week i had multiple people ask me why me and lindsey sound the same. they wondered if it was a westwood thing (our high school) alas it is not. it is just an afton thing. apparently if i like you and spend hours on end with you i will eventually start to sound like you. take it as a compliment.

5. i'm a lot smarter than my hobbies and major make me appear. its true. i get good grades in actual academic courses and really don't put to much work into getting those grades. i hadn't taken math for 3 years and yet tested directly into a calculus class and got an A in the class. i only say all of this in hopes of making myself feel better for the fact that i'm majoring in home and family life. yes the cop-out mom major of byu. (apparently i haven't fully come to terms with this yet) i just want people to know that i could rock an engineering degree if i wanted to but i would rather sew, cook, and design.

6. i am NOT a morning person. as much as i would like to be i just am not. my entire family consists of morning people. i'm talking up by 5:30 and completely done with the day by 10 am type of morning people. if i try to get up anywhere before 7 i can't function or even think straight. and yet for some reason i keep setting my alarm for 6 thinking one of these days i'm magically going to change and be able to pop right up the second my alarm goes off. (this has yet to happen)


1. lindsey!
2. camille!
3. adam!
4. chelsea!


LetterToKayleen said...

you need to do it on firefox and click the 'compose' tab.

chelsea: no more no less said...

I used to copy peoples laughs without realizing it. I still do to a degree. and for a while, I used to babysit these two cute little girls from Ireland. I started talking to them in an Irish accent without knowing it, my friend pointed it out to me. and psh-YAH you are smart girly. you HAVE to be smart to be creative, of this I am sure. mostly because I am totally not creative. that takes brains, being able to think on more than one level. to be sure, if ASU had a "mom" degree, you know thats what I would be doing. this is long.

Camille said...

I felt so loved when you tagged me, Afton! Like even though I have had a blog for a month now, I am actually an official blogger. Thanks for the honour!

Amy Jo said...

AFTON!!! I found your blog through lances- look at us- just little internet junkies. see you soon!

LetterToKayleen said...

you're gone and you didn't even call to say bye. and i even had a farewell gift for you. no i didn't. or did i? guess you'll never know.