Friday, November 20, 2009

i'm not good at many things...

...but saving 32 seats for the midnight showing of new moon just happens to be one of them. i have it down to an art form and tonight it went off without a hitch {even though i was a little nervous for a second there - and shout out to jackie for co-captaining it with me!}

and the movie? don't worry. it. was. awesome!

{for future notice: this blog fully endorses team jacob}


Myke said...

You are ultimate, Afton. I've saved many a seat in my day (I think last weekend was the first time I had someone save me a seat instead) but never for 32 people. You deserve some kind of special recognition for this.

diana said...

it was impressive, and i was indeed one of the lucky ones who benefited from your talent. thank you, your efforts were appreciated.

Janessa said...

TEAM JACOB x a million!

BP Merewether said...

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