Friday, November 13, 2009

it's 1 am. how did your night end?

so guess where i was at 11:45 p.m. tonight. the gym. weird, i know. but my dear friend jackie and i have decided to train for a 10k that will be taking place in january and i am determined to get my 3 runs in for the week. we just started last week so i'm still at the beginning stages of the program where it says things like "run for 20 minutes" and "now run for 25 minutes" which i thought was going to kill me but i've been able to do it {surprisingly} every time. i was running back in august and september so it hasn't been too crazy long since but still i dread it every time. i stopped running once school started and the busy schedule didn't leave much room for exercise. (and yet left PLENTY of room for facebook and blogs {reading, not writing. obviously} funny how that happens) but lately i decided that it should probably be back on the priority list so now it looks like this:

1. running {at least 3 times a week. heaven forbid i push myself}
2. facebook/blogs {i'm still trying to get this one lower on the list}
3. school {and other important life enhancing activities i.e. work}

what's rough though is that i still haven't found the most convenient time to work out. (is there such a thing?) i like to think of myself as a morning person but seeing as i sleep through an hour's worth of snooze buttons every morning i just don't think i make the cut. but i'm not necessarily a night person either because yeah i'm capable of staying up late but something productive is rarely getting done. usually if i don't get up in the morning there is no way i'm working out at night after being busy and gone all day. so the simple fact that i was even at the gym at such an hour was pretty amazing. regardless i'm pretty slow either way so i guess it doesn't matter. slow and steady right?

this evening the sweet sounds of the temper trap's sweet disposition got me through the evening. yes, the song from {500} days of summer but i'm pretty sure i love it more because i was able to witness this live at the roxy in downtown hollywood just one month ago:

oh dougy, can we just please be bff's!

and now it is almost 3 {pretty sure uploading that video took way longer than it was worth} and for some reason my body thinks it needs at least 8 hours of sleep these days and yet i have to be at work by 7:30 in the a.m. so the odds really aren't in my favor.


Myke said...

Afton, what 10k are you running and when is it? Maybe I can come down and run it too.

And I'm glad your priorities are in order.

ANNwithanE said...

THANK YOU for getting your priorities back in line! my heart seriously skipped a beat when i saw that you were blogging again...

oh, and i guess running is good, too.

Whitney said...

Is this a blog post i just read? Amazing. You should do it more often. It was good seeing you the other night.

موقع معلوماتي m3lomatty said...

so cute