Wednesday, November 12, 2008


...i am babysitting these four

{:max 7: :sadie 4: :ashton 10: :luke 18 months: adorable, right?}

and let me tell ya, being an instant soccer mom of four is hard. especially a single mom at that. i mean i had the schedule. i learned the routine before hand. but there is so much crap that just can't be told. like how to wash the four year old's hair. or how to fit the 18 month old into the bike seat without him freaking out. or how to get a sweatshirt on him (i'm still not sure about that one and i'm pretty sure he was cold the whole week). but all in all it's been great. my brother and sister-in-law (the parents of the before mentioned children) are currently enjoying the mexican sunshine while we have been enjoying...

bike rides to the park,

cookies after school,

dance parties in the car, {apparently this is what happens when i get a phone call and turn my back on them}

veteran's day,

dinner outside on the lawn,

and all the playing we can handle.

the parents left on saturday and return thursday. it's been five whole days and i haven't killed or injured the kiddies yet! here's hoping we make it 'till tomorrow afternoon...

p.s. yesterday i spent the entire day barefoot and outside. it was the most glorious day.


Holly Janeen said...

um DEFINATELY wish i had a cool babysitter like you when i was a kid...

you are gunna be da bomb mom.

kayleen said...

liking your header. profile pic kinda creeping me out. (but i'm not really one to talk.)

Camille said...

You're a good person. I love my sister and I love her kid, but I don't know if I could handle being a single mom to him for a week--and there's only ONE! Four? No way jose.