Wednesday, November 05, 2008

oh to be old.

i saw young at heart this past sunday. i loved it. really really loved it.
reasons why?
1. it's a documentary (and a good one at that) which i always enjoy
2. it actually made me not so anti old people. dare i say, it even made me excited to be old one day

now don't go thinking i hate old people or something, because i don't. i'm just extremely uncomfortable around them and have vowed to never grow old myself. the uncomfortableness comes from being more capable, more aware, and more able to live on my own then someone 4 times my age. it just doesn't seem natural. more times than not they just make me feel sad. and yet this movie gave me nothing but hope for growing old. everybody needs to see it, if for nothing else than for this moment...

(ignore the subtiles. it's the best quality one i could find)

and i will say, this is as sad as the film gets so don't go thinking you're going to be all depressed afterwards. it was my most favorite part though. there's just something so inspiring by listening to our friend Fred singing the words "Lights will guide you home/And ignite your bones/And I will try to fix you" at the ripe age of 81.

so here's to growing old and still having something to give!

in related entertainment excellence. this could very well be my most favorite moment on television. oh charlie. always so witty.


Myke said...

Welcome back Afton!

I hope I have a fraction of that old dude's coolness when I'm his age.

I really wanna watch that clip from It's Always Sunny you posted but our Internet here is seriously like dial-up and for some reason Hulu doesn't work well. But I'm sure it's hilarious. I wouldn't expect anything less from Charlie.

Preston Smith said...

Oh! Afton, I have been waiting for your return for a long time now... :)

anne said...'re back! i've missed you so!
ps - i can't believe you finally got to see 'young at heart'...i am SO jealous. thank you for sharing that piece of amazingness with us all

Jonathan and Sarah said...

I totally know how you feel about old people. They make me sad too. It's like they're babies again. :( I just might have to check out that documentary so I can be more excited about getting old.