Monday, November 03, 2008

Here's to November

i have never been one for writing. (as many of my previous posts have told)
i have never kept a journal. (i believe i have 7 started beginning when i turned 8 with only 1-3 entries in each)
this means that i basically have no record of my life.
except for these two years that have an over abundance of writing...

back in 2005 i dated a boy.
this boy then went on a mission in july of the same year.
i then began and continued to write him (letters and e-mails) for two years.
i never missed a weekly e-mail for over a year.
my letters were fewer and far between but still plentiful over the 24 month period.
i kept every single e-mail i sent him.
i photocopied every single letter (except for 3) that i sent him.
i wrote long e-mails filled with random details of my life.
my letters were hearty. (no mushy mushy stuff though. we were friends, he was a missionary. he got facts about my life)
and in the end i have 70 e-mails and 19 letters all about me.

this past weekend i read over a lot of them. (only my side of the communication is kept. i'm pretty sure my future self couldn't careless about what this boy did while on his mission so many years ago. and really who needs baggage like that just hanging around?)
i am so glad i have these letters!
they tell so much about me.
how i think i'm funny. the way i communicate and speak. what i found to be important. the adventures of Europe and Australia.
stuff i want to remember. now and later.
but the thing is there's been a lot that i wish i wrote down before and after those two years.

so here's to november.
a new month.
a new post.
and a new record of my life.


Holly Janeen said...


that is the most optimistic way of looking at the situation of being so consistant and writing a missionary.

K.C. + Sherry Layton said...

afton is back.
yes you do have a way with expressing yourself! you are a hoot..
keep writing.

James said...

Welcome back to blogging life!

Alex said...

Afton, I just saw the link to this on James' blog. Sweet blog!

kayleen said...

(umm. awk-ward.)

can't believe you started blogging again. it's like a dream come true. not my dream. but someone else's, i'm sure.

ps. it's "couldn't care less". not "could". (college graduate)