Saturday, November 29, 2008

i went shopping on black friday and all i got was this bloody lip


okay, so maybe i didn't end up with a bloody lip but that could have been a much better story then the one i have to tell. i definitely expected a little more excitement then what i got. it was my first venture out on the blessed day and i had nothing to compare it to but stories of wretched wives and mothers bullying their way to the last tickle me elmo. i wanted a hundred people in line, a race to the products, a few elbows to the face. you know, a typical american frenzy for materialistic products!

{the people in line were totally making fun of me for taking this pic}

i didn't even need the beautiful Nikon Coolpix S550 with 10 megapixels and a 5x optical zoom (ashton {kutcher, that is} would be so proud), or the SD 4 GB memory card (that i got for ten bucks! that's $30 off people!), or the 4 GB flash drive (which was $40 off!), or the set of 50 writable DVD's (for a whopping $8!). but i'm all about a good experience. the event. the crowds and excitement. and so when all of my sisters and friends said they would not be venturing out into the wee hours of the morning to stand in line with only america's finest i decided to make that camera a need. do i have money for it? no. but of course i need a new camera! and of course i need to start standing in line at 5 am to save a whole $50! so i did. but apparently i chose the wrong stores to go to because my experience was calm, productive, and even pleasant. i saw people i knew. i talked and visited while in line. i even got some reading in while waiting in my second line of the day at store number two. radio shack and office max totally came through for me product wise but apparently all the real action was going down at all of the walmarts across the country. (which, let's be honest, is crazy on a normal day). so maybe next year i'll have to make an appearance at one and i just might walk out with a bloody lip and a good story to tell.


Myke said...

Ha, and people make fun of me for waiting in line for Star Wars.

I assume you heard about this:

kayleen said...

i want that post title on a shirt. pronto.

Camille said...

You could go to walmart, but I wouldn't recommend it. Man, I hate that place.

And starting now, with every comment I make on a person's blog who has the word verification hoop to jump through, I am going to annoy you by telling you what the word is I have to type in. Maybe it will bug, maybe not. But I just made a conviction and I'm sticking to it.

Your word verification word is "ficome."

Oops. Looks like it wasn't "ficome" after all. Now I have to type a new word in. This one is "walbor," as far as I can tell.

afton said...

myke: check under the "america's finest" link and there's your article. people are crazy. like bad, what has this world come to, crazy.

and for the record you will never find me laughing about someone waiting in line for star wars. i waited in line for twilight (books and movies) so i really have no room to talk.

Chrissy Renae said...

except dont go to walmart on black friday cuz you might do more than get a bloody lip....... you might DIE!

and i definitely don't want you to die, so steer clear.

John Holman said...

hey. loves. "apler"