Wednesday, December 03, 2008

"Let's Have A Parade"

for me it's not truly the holiday season until i've watched every minute of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. and this year was no different. i haven't had much holiday cheer early this season (maybe that's because i'm still forced to use the ac in my car) but last thursday morning when i sat down to view the prerecorded (thank you tivo) parade i felt every ounce of holiday happiness in the world. (my last few posts {this one included} make me sound materialistic and worldly, huh? oh well.) and let me tell you this parade had a few perks that i think everyone must see. as well as the ever stereotypical crappiness that comes along with this kind of an event.

so i give you the top 4 best and worst things seen at the 2008 Macy's Parade!

4. Heartbeats Jump Rope Team.
"america's premier amateur jump rope team." i looked all over {you tube} for a clip of them performing at the blessed event and found nothing. but take my word for it they are rad. like doing push ups over people while still jumping rope rad.

3. In the Heights.
i really, really want to see this on broadway. mostly because the guy who wrote it (and stars in it) gave this speech at the tony awards. {the entire acceptance speech is in the same sing-song rap as the musical. awesome}

2. Idina Menzel.

i'm not even that into the song but she was hands down the best performer there. lip syncing? i don't know, cause she fakes it real well if she is. it was like a breath of fresh air watching her perform. {and i'm sure it didn't hurt that i already love her voice as elphaba in wicked}

and the number one best thing to happen...

1. Rick Astley.
please tell me somebody else saw this

uh, random right? and yet totally awesome. i kept rewinding it and i'm pretty sure i watched it like 5 times at least. a website called it "Simultaneously The Coolest And Lamest Thing To Ever Happen." i couldn't agree more. {and is it wrong of me to say that rick is looking quite studly these days? who would have thought}

4. the overall performance choices.
shontelle? clique girlz? charice? push play? who are these people and why are they on national television? {i was going to find links for each one but i really don't care that much to look. google it}

3. Miranda Cosgrove.

{believe me guys. the whole thing was worse seen in beautiful HD quality}

um, really? those are the best dance moves you've got? you really can't lip sync to your own song any better than that? wow.

2. every single flag girl's outfit.
why, why, oh why must every flag girl of a marching band not only have horrible routines but atrocious outfits to go with it? i mean really. cheerleaders have good outfits. dancers in general have good outfits. you're telling me that the best thing you could find to spin a giant flag is a one piece spandex body suit?

this next one really did wonders for the whole parade. the number one worst thing seen...

1. Varsity Fanclub.

really? dancing boy bands are back? i had no idea. (although the one in the white and black hat reminds me of blayne {tan man} from project runway and that makes me laugh.)

also, on a neither best nor worst note, did you know that the lead singer of hootie and the blowfish {Darius Rucker} is now a country singer? try to name one other country singer who is also a black man. you can't? yeah me neither. weird.


Holly Janeen said...

you should be a professional analyst.

Bethany said...

haha wow! I thought the whole boy band dancing era was over but you never know New Kids On The Block are trying to make a comeback which is weird because they are all old and should NOT be dancing the way the used to in the 80's. And this band sounds awful if I was still 12 though I would love it! haha.

tessa marie said...

hahahahahahha... omg.. afton I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants... I am so glad you wrote this post and brought that incredible rick astley performance to my attention. seriously made my day.

Andy77 said...

Dancing boy bands were out after New Kids on the Block. Sooo out!